dadkiss“At Jolley and Jolley, we know we’re fighting a tough battle when it comes to protecting a Father’s Rights. Because of this we fight hard for our clients, and we are grateful when they express their appreciation for the work we do.”

My ex-wife moved out of state and took our kids away from me. It was a long and hard battle, but thanks to Jolley & Jolley my kids are back with me in Utah again!

Howard F • Nephi, UT

My ex-wife hired an attorney to get my parent-time reduced. I hired Jolley & Jolley and they ended up getting me more parent-time than I had to begin with!

Robert H. • Saratoga Springs, UT

Most would say we live in a man’s world, but when it comes too divorce (especially in Utah) it is a total women’s world. Jolley & Jolley understands this, and they know the laws backwards and forwards, which makes a huge difference. I was very content with the settlement I received. I didn’t get everything I wanted, but close!

Rob S. • Provo, UT

I have been a client of Jolley & Jolley since 2007. They are always accessible, extremely professional and (most importantly) very knowledgeable in the law. Both Vernon & Alexander truly cared about myself and my kids; they treat me as family. I have sent 3 of my friends to work with Jolley & Jolley and I highly recommend the firm to any father who wants to have his rights protected.

William M. • Sandy, UT

For all of the guys that feel as though your rights are a distant second to their ex-wives, I feel that this is the firm for you. Last week I met with Alexander for a free consultation which lasted 2 hours, after bringing Vernon in for the last hour, I feel as though they have a very strong plan, which gives me great hope! these gents feel like old friends already, and true professionals.

G.B. • Layton, UT

Jolley and Jolley did a wonderful job in representing me as a father in a women’s state. They were prompt in dealing with the opposing attorney and filing motions. Their attorneys have many years of practicing law not only in Utah but other states. They gave me great advice not only on the divorce but also on child support, child custody and time split. I was extremely satisfied with Jolley and Jolley and their willingness to do whatever they could for me and my case.

Mark S. • Eagle Mountain, UT