Modifications Of Decrees, Custody and Support Orders

Circumstances change from time to time which require the Modification of a prior Court Order or  a Decree/Judgment. Some include correcting mistakes and others focus on current circumstances that didn’t exist at the time when the court made its Orders/Judgment. Modifying a Decree of Divorce or any type of support Order, whether alimony or child support, is sometimes more complex and more difficult than getting the Order in the first place. The process is usually initiated by filing a Petition to Modify, which is similar to filing a divorce or paternity action. The entire process is long and arduous and requires that you prove that there has been a material and substantial change of circumstances that warrant a change that would result in the best interests of the children.

Although the Fathers Rights Attorneys of Jolley & Jolley are skilled at modifying Divorce Decrees and other Orders, our advice is to get it right the first time. Getting another bite at the apple or having “buyer’s remorse” is not sufficient grounds to change an existing Order or Judgment. Circumstances do change, however, and equity demands that the courts strive to do what is in the best interests of the children.

The Utah Family Law Lawyers at Jolley & Jolley will consult with you and give you their candid opinion as to whether you should seek a Modification of an existing Order or Judgment, and the strategy which will result in your best chances of obtaining a change that will benefit you and your children.