Termination of Parental Rights

Although it is distasteful to even discuss the termination of one’s parental rights, occasionally actions are commenced to do just this. Generally, the state is involved, however, a private individual can also petition the court for termination of one’s parental rights. The rights of parents to raise and associate with their children is Constitutionally protected, and termination should be ordered only in rare and serious occasions. Notwithstanding, the courts have power to terminate parental rights and those decisions are rarely disturbed on appeal. This is serious business!

The Fathers Rights Attorneys at Jolley & Jolley are experienced in defending termination proceedings. Given the severity of the possible consequences, this is not the type of case that you would want to attempt to represent yourself. If the state initiates the action, you are entitled to a court appointed attorney under certain circumstances; if a private individual initiates the termination proceedings, you are not entitled to a state appointed attorney and you must seek the assistance of your own private counsel.