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Utah Divorce Attorney
Vernon Jolley is Recognized as 
"Trial Attorney of the Year"
by the Parental Defense Alliance of Utah

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 Utah Fathers Rights Attorneys



What Has Been Your Experience?

As an Ex-Husband and/or Single Father, Do You Feel You Have Received Fair and Equal Treatment in the Utah Legal System?

     Fathers Rights

Vernon and Alexander Jolley - The Fathers Rights Attorneys

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  Utah Divorce Attorney Named 

  "Trial Attorney of the Year"

There is a very good reason Parental Defense Attorneys thoughout the state of Utah selected Vernon Jolley as "Utah Trial Attorney of the Year."

It's because we are fully commited to the protection of your rights as a Father. We provide the best representation and service for our clients because we live, and raise our families, right here in Utah.

We are not a national law firm that hires subordinate attorneys to "man" a local Utah office.

What does this mean for you? It means the Utah Divorce Attorneys at Jolley and Jolley take a personal interest in your case and your rights as a father. Your future relationship with your children is too important to leave in the hands of anyone else. You need the attorneys other attorneys consider the best in Utah!

As the original Utah Fathers Rights Attorneys, we are personally committed to helping you experience all the joy and fulfillment you deserve as a good and loving dad.    

– Vernon and Alexander Jolley