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What Has Been Your Experience?

As an Ex-Husband and/or Single Father, Do You Feel You Have Received Fair and Equal Treatment in the Utah Legal System?
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Utah Fathers Rights Lawyers

Your Fathers Rights are under attack!

Fathers are essential for the emotional development and well being of their children. The best interests of children are served most effectively by a shared parenting arrangement which allows children to retain the ongoing emotional, physical and financial support of both parents. Children only know that they want to be with both parents.

While Utah law mandates that both the father and the mother be treated equally, many would argue that favoritism toward  women in Utah Family Law cases cannot be denied.

Whether dealing with child custody, division of property, child support, or allocation of parent-time, the Law Offices of Jolley & Jolley will actively seek and create a resolution that results in the fair and equitable enforcement of your rights as a caring and loving father.

If you're a good man frustrated by how you are treated in the Utah legal system, call the Fathers Rights Attorneys at Jolley and Jolley today: 801-FATHERS.

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