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Jolley and Jolley Kids Corner
Jolley & Jolley began with a father and his son exploring the concept of working together in the law to emphasize and advance Fathers Rights in Utah. In the beginning, even we did not grasp the importance of the need for a law firm to fight for the rights of Utah Fathers as equal parents with valuable parenting skills that children need.

Our radio ad, which you can listen to below, says it all. "We will be your advocate in a system that has twisted the very notion of equal justice for all."

We are a family run firm that believes in family ideals – ideals that include a father in the upbringing of children. Our atmosphere is informal and we have a “Kids’ Corner” where your children can play when you visit our office.

Candy, popcorn, smiles and assurances are always available. We look forward to meeting you and discussing your particular situation and concerns.

Your initial consultation with Jolley & Jolley is always free.


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